LEAD stands for Lawmaker Education and Advocacy Day. The primary purpose is to educate members of the U.S. House and Senate from both parties, as well as key members of the Biden administration, on the business case for ambitious federal climate action. 

This is the fourth annual LEAD on Climate event for businesses and investors to advocate for climate policy on Capitol Hill. 

LEAD on Climate 2022 is designed to elevate the business voice in support of urgent federal climate policy solutions with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. This includes historic federal investments in clean energy manufacturing and deployment to seize the opportunities to lead the world in the economic transition to a net zero future where communities across the country thrive. With the midterm elections quickly approaching, we are facing our last best chance of passing urgently needed federal climate legislation and engaging Republicans to make the business case for prioritizing climate action. 

All Ceres BICEP Network members are invited to participate as well as any company or investment firm that meets this year’s threshold of $100 million in annual revenue for companies and $100 million AUM for investors. 

On Tuesday, May 10, there will be optional virtual training sessions from 1 to 5pm ET. On Wednesday, May 11 and Thursday, May 12, virtual Congressional meetings will take place from 9am to 5pm ET. 

Not at all. Ceres will offer comprehensive training, briefing documents, and talking points for all participants to help you prepare for your Congressional meetings. Ceres staff will also be available for additional prep for first time advocates. Please reach out to Meredith Epstein for more information. 

LEAD on Climate 2022 will be a primarily virtual event. The training session will be completely virtual, and most Congressional meetings will be virtual. For those participants who are interested and based in Washington DC, there may be the opportunity to join an in-person meeting with Congressional lawmakers.

Ceres and our partner, K&L Gates, will schedule all the meetings for you. We will consider the states and districts where your company has a presence as well as other preferences and interests you may have. Please provide us with the most complete list of your company’s locations on the registration form so we can match you with the most relevant meetings. 

Each meeting will have three to 10 individuals from participating businesses and a designated facilitator from Ceres or a participating business. Businesses and investors will be meeting with members of Congress, congressional staff, and officials from the Biden administration. 

Yes. You may attend whatever portions of the event that work for your schedule. However, we strongly encourage you to be available as much time as possible during the Hill meeting blocks on May 11 and 12 to optimize your ability to join the most relevant and impactful meetings for your company or investment firm. 

LEAD on Climate 2022 will be timely as we expect the historic climate and clean energy investments in reconciliation will need a last big push from businesses to get across the finish line before summer. The $550 billion climate and clean energy investments currently in the budget reconciliation package that passed the U.S. House and is being considered by the U.S. Senate represents the last best chance to pass meaningful climate legislation and achieve President Biden’s plan to slash climate pollution by at least 50% by 2030.  

The heightened focus on energy security due to the tragic events in Ukraine also highlights the need for businesses and investors to emphasize to Congress that now is the time to double down on affordable, secure, domestic clean energy so that we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuel energy sources and volatile global energy markets.  

Finally, Congress is preparing to begin negotiations over the next Farm Bill. If this is a priority for your company, LEAD on Climate 2022 is a great opportunity to start paving the way now for a climate-friendly Farm Bill.  

Yes. Environmental justice is one of our core messaging areas and is embedded in the entire framework of LEAD on Climate 2022. Environmental justice will also be included in our suggested policy areas for meetings. 

While durable, bipartisan Congressional action on climate would be ideal, the $550 billion climate and clean energy investments under consideration for a reconciliation package is our best and possibly last chance to pass meaningful climate legislation before it is too late.

LEAD on Climate 2022 participants will meet with both Democrats and Republicans. Ceres will provide tailored talking points to make the case for urgently needed climate action.

No. Participating companies simply need to agree with the core messaging for the event. However, companies that have endorsed specific policies are free to highlight their positions in Congressional meetings. Ceres will provide a list of suggested optional policies and talking points. 

No. LEAD on Climate 2022 does not take a position on “payfors.” The focus of the event and our meetings is the business support and case for Congress swiftly passing federal climate and clean energy investments and incentives. Payfors will not be mentioned in the meeting requests, and the discussion will likely not cover them. To the extent it does come up, you may refer to LEAD on Climate 2022’s overall neutral position. We do ask that you keep to the main message that Congress must overcome any obstacle to get climate legislation passed this session.